Why You Should Get a Water Purifier ?

This article is meant to clarify your doubts about the importance of having a drinking water purifier and what they for the health of you and your family. It is really necessary that most people become aware of how water purifiers can improve the quality and taste of water. Nowadays buying the best  and top  water purifiers in India is a difficult task because there are hundreds of different water purifiers models available in the market.

Although, some people may think that a water filter is a big investment that they have enough with the running water bills, the benefits of using them make it certainly worthwhile. You can have a whole house water purifier system that cleans all the water from all the water installations of the house or you may install separate water filters just to purify the water that comes out from the kitchen tap or the laundry room.

Whichever is your choice, you have to know how these devices work and how to recognize the best ones from the large offer available in the market. What basically water filters do is removing the contaminants and any kind of particles that water may contain to have pure water for human consumption. However, it is often said that filtering capabilities of water filters corresponds to a certain price, whether you are selecting a high end or standard water filter device.

Among the best water filters we can mention PUR water filters, which is able to eliminate different types of impurities as mercury, lead, cysts, giardia, chloramines, asbestos, volatile Organic compounds (VOC’s) and others. Due to its high level of filtration it is among the most expensive as well.

On the other hand, Puriclean water filter are refrigerator filters of more common and easy household use. They are very much used since they do not take much space from your kitchen; they provide pure drinking water, filter ice and keep water cool.

When buying a filter for your fringe check first the model and brand of this to see if they are compatible. If your motto is practicality, then portable Everpure water filters are for you.
They are tagged as the best portable filtrations systems that are perfect to have clean water anywhere. They can be installed on the shelf or countertop of your refrigerator.

Last but not least, for a more pleasing shower you can install shower faucet filters that discard contaminants that can be absorbed by your skin and hair.

Under sink water filters

Under sink water filters are just what you think they are – water filters and/or purifiers that mount under your sink. They work by filtering your tap water before it actually comes out of the tap, capturing impurities and particulates in a filter that can be easily replaced when needed.

How Under Sink Filters Work

The two most common types of systems using replaceable water filter cartridges for installation under the sink are activated carbon and reverse osmosis. They each work a bit differently and typically filter out slightly different combinations of impurities and contaminants. Let’s take a look at each one.

Activated Carbon – This type of under sink water filtration system uses a replaceable cartridge filled with activated carbon to remove impurities. Depending on the size of the filter and how densely packed the carbon is inside, most activated carbon systems will capture chemicals, pesticides, chlorine, radon, and most particulates. The filters need to be replaced every six months or so, and replacement cartridges are generally easy to find and install yourself.

Reverse Osmosis – This type of under sink filtering system is a bit more complex than a simple carbon system, although it does generally include a pre-filter that is often carbon based. Water passes through the replaceable pre-filter to remove larger particulates. It is then passed at pressure through a fine membrane. Water that makes it through the membrane is stored in a small pressure tank until used, while the rest of the impurities and particulates are discharged as wastewater.

How Much Do They Cost?
The cost of under sink systems and replacement filters, both activated carbon and reverse osmosis, varies widely. Most carbon-based systems can be found for $50 or less, while reverse osmosis systems can cost as much as $100 to $200. Keep in mind that the actual cost of any under sink water filtration system is a combination of:

The purchase price
Installation cost (if any)
Ongoing maintenance costs
The cost of replacement filters

All of these factors need to be considered when you are determining which type of water filters for under sink point-of-use may be the best choices for your needs.

Another Important Consideration

Before you get too far down the road toward buying or replacing an existing water filtering system, there is another important consideration that must be taken into account. Different types of filter systems have different capabilities in terms of the impurities and contaminants they can filter out, so you need to know the composition of your water before making a final decision on an under sink system. You can do this through a simple water test, either performed by your local purification system retailer or by purchasing a do-it-yourself test kit.

It is not unusual for water to contain a variety of contaminants such that no single type of under sink filter can eliminate them all. In this situation, you can combine two different types of systems to ensure that all contaminants are trapped, or replace an existing inefficient system with one that will trap the largest percentage of your specific water contaminants. If you are not sure which approach is best for you, consult with a water purification system retailer for expertise and guidance.

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