What is an Ionic Breeze Purifier?

As strange as it may seem, there is more pollution in the air inside a house than outside of it. While we may be confronted with all kinds of pollutants and allergens outdoors, these are quickly dispersed in the open air. But a house is designed to keep energy (such as artificial heat or cold) inside it, while keeping the forces of nature (wind, rain) outside. As a result, air is circulated very slowly inside a house. Slow circulation means the air is replaced less often, and what impurities are there tend to remain. Since there are so many top air purifiers available in the stores, choosing the best air purifiers in UK is a daunting task.

To improve air quality indoors, people have invented indoor air purifiers such as the Ionic Breeze Purifier.  Often a family will decide to use air purifiers because one or more members of their household have allergy or respiratory problem and something in the house is triggering their condition.  For example, a wife may be allergic to smoke, and her husband is a smoker.  Or, the family may have adopted a new puppy or kitten and one of the children has asthma.  We are not always ready to part with a chain-smoking spouse, and we certainly don’t want to give up our best friend.   Air purifiers are a great help in these situations.

The Ionic Breeze Purifier is one of the most commonly used brands of air purifier.  Most purifiers use a fan to draw air in and a filter to purify it.   Unfortunately this system causes a lot of noise and requires frequent filter replacement.  Air ionizers offer a convenient alternative: they are quieter and don’t need filters.  Instead they attract airborne dirt and allergens to a charged plate, just as magnet attracts iron.   Aside from being quiet and hassle-free, this purifier is energy-efficient, using only 10 watts of power.  In contrast, a HEPA filter air purifier consumes about 180-250 watts and needs to have its filter replaced often.

However an air purifier is not without possible problems. First, the collector plates must be cleaned often if they aren’t to lose their effectiveness.  Second, those impurities that are charged and attached to walls and appliances can return to the air if not wiped off immediately.  And third, because these devices have no fans, it is argued by some that they can’t purify air more than a few meters away from the unit.  So you may want to use several ionizers.

Another issue raised against the Ionic Breeze Air Purifier is that it leaves small amounts of ozone in the air.  Ozone is a type of gas capable of destroying harmful bacteria and odors.  If you’re going to run the air ionizer constantly, you should be aware of its ozone emission level since ozone can cause breathing problems.

An air ionizer may be good for you if you want more indoor air control but have no serious breathing problems.  Make a comparison of the various types of air purifiers to find the one that suits your needs.

Pros and Cons of Ionic Breeze Quadra Air Purifier

Clean fresh air is the single most important thing in life.  Without it life would be impossible.  This is why some creative minds invented what are known as air purifiers.  These are household appliances specially designed to keep the air inside your house clean.  One of the most well-known brands is the Ionic Breeze Quadra Air Purifier.  Let us look at the strengths and weaknesses of this product.

Like other Ionic Breeze models produced by Sharper Image, the Ionic Quadra Air Purifier is an air ionizer.   To understand what this means, let us remember that everything in the world is made up of molecules or atoms bound to one another by attraction.  When a particle is ionized, it means it has lost or gained electrons.  This addition or subtraction of electrons causes the particle to have either a negative charge or a positive charge.  Since opposites attract, a positively charged particle will bind itself to a negatively charged one, and vice versa.

Apply this to air purification and you will get an idea how ionizers clean the air you breathe.  They charge dust, allergens and other pollutants floating in the air, causing them to drop from the air and fall into oppositely charged objects nearby.  Now of course you don’t want that dirt to shower the furniture in your room, so an ionizer has its own “collecting plate” bearing the opposite charge to draw the particles into it.   But it doesn’t catch all of the dirt, so some of it may wind up on your walls, TV set and other charged appliances.

The Ionic Breeze Quadra Air Purifier makes an improvement over previous editions of the Ionic Breeze.   One of the weaknesses of ionic purifiers is that they do nothing to kill germs and other harmful micro-organisms.   Now the Quadra model includes ultraviolet light at 254 nanometers to eliminate these hazards.   Like earlier releases, the Quadra is quiet, energy-efficient and has no air filtration system.

However the Ionic Breeze products are not perfect.  A commonly cited issue is its release of ozone during operation.  If you are concerned about ozone, you might want to consult with your dealer and your physician to be sure it s safe.

Also, when using an ionic purifier, don’t forget that it isn’t a substitute for keeping your house clean.   You should use a vacuum cleaner regularly, keep allergen sources out of the room and clean your air purifier’s plate every two weeks or less.    It is also important to do your research on whatever brands of air purifiers you might be interested in.  Look for independent studies and reviews, and ask your friends, colleagues and relatives what they prefer.

Product Features and Specifications

  • Room size : Purifiers electrostatic air cleaner for average-size rooms of about 350 square feet.
  • Operation : Silent operation Patented Zenion Effect technology moves air electronically with no motor, no fan and no noise at all.Just wipe collection rods clean.
  • Charged airborne particles are trapped on oppositely charged stainless steel collectors that slide out for easy cleaning.
  • Ultra-low energy use. Low energy costs and no replacement filters saves $100s compared to HEPA filters.
  • Requires no more than 10 watts to power all functions at their highest settings.
  • Negligible ozone. Exclusive OzoneGuard in the front grill converts virtually all by-product ozone to harmless oxygen as clean air circulates back into the room.
  • Ozone accumulation is far below the U.S. safety requirements for air cleaners and medical devices.
  • Efficient air cleaning and odor reduction.
  • Lightweight housing with an attractive, discreet profile.
  • Continuous 24-7 cleaning.

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