Portable Refrigerator Tips

There has been a wide array of portable refrigerators available in the marketplace today. Choosing the best refrigerators model can actually be a wise investment, thus find the one that is efficient and can satisfy your needs and demands. There are important factors to keep in mind to help you decide in purchasing your transportable refrigerator. You can buy top quality single door refrigerators and double door refrigerators in India here.

Why Would Anyone Consider Buying A Portable Refrigerator?

Having a portable refrigerator in your home or office can be a convenient way to easily store and access your food or beverages. Compact refrigerators are energy efficient, which is one thing to consider if you want to save on your electricity bills.

If you are not storing a lot of food, a small and compact refrigerator would be ideal since it can be placed almost anywhere in your home and can easily be moved around. Small refrigerators are preferred by most students who are staying in dormitories so that they have a place to store their food supplies.

A small and compact refrigerator can be easily transported. Various models of a portable fridge can fit into a vehicle. This is a convenient way to store your food if you are travelling in long distances. Some compact refrigerators can operate inside the vehicle by using the car’s battery as a power source through a special adaptor that fits into the 12-volt lighter socket. A compact fridge can also be used as a food heater because of its insulating materials. It is ideal for anyone who wants to preserve their food while travelling.

Depending on the make and model, a compact fridge has very low power consumption. The magic chef mini fridge is one of the many models that are very energy efficient and available in the market today. It is also energy star compliant which means it can consume less energy compared to a similar type of compact refrigerator that is not energy star compliant.

When considering buying a compact fridge, always look into the features that can benefit you most. Different kinds of models have different features. These additional features in a compact refrigerator can also increase its price. Just make sure you select a more popular brand so that you can be assured it is made of high quality.

Small Refrigerators

Many Models Many Functions

With the wide availability of different models and designs, there is a small refrigerator to serve every beverage refrigerating, portable beer cooling, ice cream freezing, and energy saving need. That is just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to the many functions such an appliance can serve. There are specialized small refrigerators designed specially to keep your wines in perfect condition.

There are portable compact refrigerators that can be brought to a picnic and keeps food and drinks cold longer than a regular cooler since the ice won’t melt. And to our eco-conscious friends among us, though we could all be a little more green ourselves, energy star refrigerators make up a majority of the new models of compact appliances.

Great for Small Spaces

Anyone who has gone through the experience of being semi-self sufficient during their early college years probably owned or was surrounded by small refrigerators. It is not uncommon to pick up a free 1.8 cu ft. from a nearby dumpster of a college dorm. That is, if picking up perfectly good small dorm refrigerators is not beneath you.

If it is then the good news is you probably could, and therefore should, afford to buy a brand spanking new one from us. Actually, the reason you would want to buy a new fridge is because there are many more designs than the egg-white, cube shaped, teeny tiniest of refrigerating space. And peculiarly even smaller freezer space.

College students and bachelors across the country have been keeping food cold in refrigerators for small kitchens for decades. Being restricted to the confines of a tight apartment really makes a person think about what essentials will fill the small space and a full sized refrigerator is usually a luxury in such a situation.

Sure, the stereotypical stock is beer, condiments and half a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, but the reality is for a single person who couldn’t consume the amount of food that fills a full sized refrigerator anyways, compact fridges are the perfect way to save space and energy.

For others it is easy to squeeze in a beer during work hours when you have a small refrigerator under the desk or in the middle of the night without leaving the bed. The ensuing urinary discharge is another problem yet to be worked out.

A small portable refrigerator can also be used in a car, but be sure to clear it out before leaving the vehicle since the power does not stay on, hence cooling stops, when the car is off. With a portable generator or a nearby power source, an outdoor picnic with such a device means the party never has to end because there is no melting ice to worry about.

One for the Ages

Whatever your intended purpose is, a small refrigerator is always great to have. Shop a variety of brands and models. Prices begin around under $100 to several hundred and there is sure to be the right one for you. They come in stainless steel, dual purpose refrigerator/freezer features and many quality brands like GE, Haier, and Magic Chef will last almost forever. Feel free to poke around this site and if you have any comments or concerns feel free to contact us by emailing at the address provided in the contact page or leaving a comment.


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