Mountain Bike compared to Road Bike

Bikes are a part of recreation and health for people of all ages. Weather road or mountain bikes they are an equal savior for all men and women. Depending on the terrain of travel, road or the mountain swirl, bikes provide the added comfort and safety. While road bikes, are more centered for speed,mountain bikes give stability on the rocky surface. Distinguishing the two can be tough for a novice, but for an expert, on them this is the most ideal prerequisite to start biking. If you are looking to buy mountain bikes then checkout best mountain bikes in UK here.

Apparently road bikes have bent handle bars where the rider places himself close to the pedals and the tube. This provides the hunching position for the rider, substantially increasing control over speed. On the other hand, mountain bikes have wide bars, which supposedly give, that needed extra grip while touring. Another noticeable feature is the bulkiness of the mountain bikes. They come with heavy tires, thick connector pipes and stupendous handle bars. In contrast road bikes are more aerodynamic in build.

Road bikes do not have any suspension, but the mountain bikes have shock absorbers in the front, suspensions at rear, and even hybrids. Speed capacity is another factor which differs largely between the two. While the former can cut with 70 miles per hour the latter cannot increment above an average of 20 miles an hour. Both these are available in wide ranges of designs, costs and safety measures for all the passionate riders out there. Another amazing feature with these bikes is the manufacture difference for ages and sex.

Should my mountain bike have disc brakes?

When it comes to mountain bikes and what brakes to choose you will find that the topic is frequently debated. The question seems to be the same yet the answer never is. Should my bike have disc brakes or rim brakes and why or why not?

No one person can tell you whether or not your should choose one over the other however I can set out a simple guideline that will give you a few things to consider and hopefully help you to choose one or the other depending on what is best for you and the conditions you ride in.

Disc brakes seem to be preferred over rim brakes for most. Disc brakes have advantages such as better performance in most weather and riding conditions including rain and muddy terrain. However, they also have their disadvantages. First off, disc brakes are going to cost you a bit more than rim brakes. Second, they are a bit more heavy. On the flip side, rim brakes have more disadvantages than disc brakes and in the long haul may end up causing you to spend more money in repairs than what it would have cost to simply pay the extra expense of disc brakes in the first place.

In short, disc brakes are heavier and more expensive than rim brakes however they out perform rim brakes in more conditions. If weight or price is an issue then you may opt for rim brakes however if those two things aren’t an issue then always opt for disc brakes.

Recumbent Exercise Bike

In picking the models and brands for our recumbent exercise bike reviews we asked ourselves this:

what does the keep fit fan actually want from an exercise bike? Does it have to look good or feel good, or is it purely a functional machine that can do without style? What features does it need, and why recumbent rather than upright? With plethora of high quality exercise bikes available in the market, chooisng the best quality exercise bikes in India is a time consuming task.

In asking these questions we were forced to look deeper into the market as it stands, and we discovered that among the many makers out there four brand names stood head and shoulders above the rest. These brands all showed that they understood what people want, and they all displayed a perfect understanding of the scientific principles that lie behind the popularity of the recumbent bike. Each had its own take on the idea, and each had much to offer.

Take Proform, the first brand that we looked at. Well known among gym owners and those with home gyms as a supplier of high quality keep fit equipment, we could find no fault at all with the superb models that appeared in its range, and the two we picked to feature are absolutely typical of what this great name has to offer. High quality, fully functional and very well priced, these are bikes that will suit anyone.

Schwinn is a name that needs no introduction when it comes to exercise equipment, and we were very impressed with the quality to price ratio of its offerings. Taking its own view on the recumbent design, each Schwinn bike is well worth considering in its own right.

Weslo is perhaps the most diverse of the makers here, and it offers an innovative take on almost everything to do with exercise bikes, yet the prices remain affordable and accessible and the products superb quality and absolutely on the ball.

Finally, we looked at Stamina, a brand that is absolutely committed to keep fit machinery, and the expertise and understanding needed to produce efficient and functional machines without adding too much to the price is absolutely evident in this excellent range.

All in all we discovered that the recumbent style of bike is gaining in popularity, and for good reason; the seating position is comfortable and the activity is beneficial in more ways than a normal upright bike can offer, yet there was still room in the review for a few upright bikes, just to balance the order.

We believe that our recumbent exercise bike reviews will go at least some way to helping you decide the type, make and style of bike you want, and wish you happy hunting on your way to a healthier lifestyle!

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