Motel 6 Stinks!

Subject: Motel 6 in Hammond, La.
From: "Fields, Mabel D." <>
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 07:07:02 -0500

Recently I arrived at Motel 6 following the death of my brother. This was the closest motel to his house, which we thought was a good idea.
Unfortunately after checking in for 2 nights at a cost of $95.44, we found that the motel had no towels with which to bathe, the carpets had muddy
footprints which we were advised that housekeeping had already cleaned the room. At 12 AM we were awakened to find the motel surrounded by the Hammond Police Department for a drug bust of local people who party at the motel on weekends. People from other rooms called our room wanting to know if this was the room where the prostitutes were at. We wound up taking the phone off the hook at 2:30 in the morning where my family could not reach me if they wanted to. After daybreak when we thought it was safe to go outside, I approached the front desk to tell them I would be checking out to move to another motel, I was advised that the money I had paid out for the room would not be refunded back, but I was welcome to move. I did not have the money for another room so was forced to spend another night in this motel. We went to the local K-Mart to purchase towels so we could bathe, the cost of this was $18.73. After driving 8 hours and spending 48 hours in Motel 6 staying up through the night to make sure that no one else in my family died I drove another 8 hours to arrive home. Now I can tell the world why Motel 6 leaves the lights on, they are afraid to turn them off.

Thank you for listening.


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