Guide to Best Electric Shavers and Trimmers

People who have used these shavers say that they perform flawlessly.
They give you a very easy shave without any razor burn at all. You can rinse them clean with water. They balance well and are easy to control their movement.

Philips Norelco Mens electric shavers are excellent electric razors. Compared to more expensive brands, they seem to be a great way to go. They are almost entirely made of virtually indestructible plastic. They are light weight and confidence inspiring. You have to consider many features before buying perfect electric shavers in india.

The Philip shavers are easy to recharge with the included plug in cord and the charge lasts about 2 to 3 weeks which seems to be a long time considering how easy it is to recharge. You just have to plug the shaver in overnight and when it’s done an LED in the front will blink to signal that it is recharged.

As far as the shave is concerned it is close and fast and you’ll be done in no time with no fuss or mess. The blades of the rotating heads flex separately allowing it to follow the contours of your face. Maintenance is really easy, too…pop open the top, rinse under water, shake off excess water and let dry.

The Norelco line has many models, and the heads are a significant part of the price of the shaver. If shaving is a chore, you might as well decide based on quick, easy and convenient…on that basis Norelco is a reliable consideration.

Panasonic mens electric shavers are great for close shaves. You can use them wet or dry. Most of them come with AA batteries, so you don’t have to worry about replacing the whole shaver like most electric shavers that start losing their charging ability.

Panasonic shavers are excellent for delicate skin, especially for those who suffer from razor burns when using simple twin-blade razors. Braun shavers are extremely refined and smooth electric shavers. They have an extremely advanced foil shaving shaving system which allows you to have an outstanding shave leaving you with a smooth skin.

They have intelligent coutour flexing head which adapt to your skin’s surface and the contours of your face. Most of Braun’s electric shavers also come with an integrated active middle trimmer Power Comb™ which just cuts and trims all the hair under the chin area and the neck so easily without wanting you repeatedly shave over and over again making your skin red and irritable.

Mustache Trimmer – Some Interesting Tips.

It’s very important for men to have a well-trimmed beard or mustache. Beard trimmer is the best device when just maintenance is required. You can’t do this with an electric shaver. Everyone knows that the facial hair grows very fast, so even if you don’t shave for one or two days, it looks like you haven’t shaved for weeks. Nowadays trimmers solved this problem – you don’t need to shave completely.

Before purchasing something it’s desirable to know how to use it. Here’s a user guide for those who want to know how to use a mustache trimmer with maximum efficiency.

How To Trim Mustache With Mustache Trimmer.

  1. Clean and damp your mustache – it will be a much easier to trim.
  2. Comb your mustache. Follow the direction it grows.
  3. Place the comb over the mustache trimmer blades and adjust the longest trim settings. It’s highly recommended to begin with the longest setting (often 5/8”) until you become familiar with other settings because you can sure that you will not over-trim.
  4. Start trimming. Always trim in the same direction – from top down. Begin from nose a go down to the corners of your lips.
  5. After trimming to the desired length remove the comb from mustache trimmer and make the final corrections using only blades.
  6. Remove the blade system from mustache trimmer, clean the device and set up new blades.

This guide will be useful for everyone who wants to buy a mustache trimmer.

Some additional advice about charging.

This will be interesting for those who want to purchase a cordless mustache trimmer it will be helpful to read the following tips.

Before using a trimmer for the first time, charge it for about 16 hours – it will give a fully charged battery. And don’t forget to place a trimmer on the charging stand only when it’s switched off.

After placing on the charging stand always remember to check if the charging light is on.

The charger can be plugged into the power source for any period of time without damage to the battery or mustache trimmer. Don’t worry if while the charging process the charger may become warmer – it’s okay. It may be dangerous only when it’s so hot that you can’t even touch it. In this case quickly unplug the charger from the outlet.

Every 3 months the battery should be recharged to maintain its maximum capacity.

How to Buy Shavers and Trimmers ?

Choosing an electric shaver can be an incredibly personal choice, and in truth, the final decision lies with you. Making the leap from cartridge shavers to electric shavers can seem daunting when you look at all the options available. An electric shaver is a vital component for men that want a close shave, without the hassle and inconvenience of razor shaving. Growing a beard or a mustache isn’t for the faint-hearted. Either you’re a proud wearer of a beard or not, you can be sure of one thing. Whether you’ve decided to grow a luscious beard, already have one that’s getting a little tough to handle or fancy a new beard grooming tool, we’ve put together a guide to picking a trimmer with great performance to achieve that well-groomed beard look. One of the most important must-have tools is a high-quality beard trimmer that gives you good performance to produce an optimal look. There are extra features you might want to look for in your new beard trimmer.However, that being said, we have put together 14 factors you can keep in mind while selecting a shaver.

Number of blades, attachments, cleaning stands, wet or dry, cords and charging – all will have a slightly different way of shaving, and everyone has their own favourite model and make. For men, having a smooth and groomed face is essential in presenting yourself at the apex of your ability. It isn’t for the men whose grooming is questionable. Every man needs to have a beard trimmer in his arsenal. We know it can be a bit of a headache choosing what trimmer to go for, especially with a range of features and different brands. The purpose of a beard trimmer is to tame the beast that is growing unpredictably on your face. If you’re just looking for a bare bones model, then this might not be much of a concern for you – for some. We know it’s not going to be an easy decision especially with all the brands and models out there on the market and so the factors mentioned below will help you narrow down to the specific model you want. But whether you’re looking for a shaver to last for the long run or splashing out for a special someone, our guide can help you navigate the options available.

Whether it’s going on a date or getting that important job interview, you want one tool to work with in your grooming arsenal, and that is none other than the electric shaver. An untrimmed beard speaks volumes. No doubt how necessary this is for a beardsman. Keep reading and we’ll help guide you to a decision that’s right for you. With the right beard trimmer, you can accomplish any look you like, from burly lumberjack to sophisticated gentleman, or anything in between. However, pop-up ear trimmers and nose trimmers, a vacuum system, turbo – trimming modes, and more, are what helps them make the final decision on which model to purchase. Comfort while shaving is vital in determining the shaving performance. Rotary blades are three circular blades that sit on top of an electric shaver. In this page, we will discuss the qualities to look out for when purchasing one of these products as well as give you a list of our top 6 picks for the best electric shaver after running our thorough testing and grading process.


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