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I got $5 for joining them and a 1% ebate for buying a video from half.com (with a $5 credit I got for someone joing under me) which came to $5.16. The purchase was necessary because it is their policy not to actually pay anyone for the signup bonus unless they then use the service. They only pay you if your account balance exceeds $5.01. I knew this. So I waited for my $5.16 payment which their site and email both confirmed to me that I would get on 5-15-01. That was a lie, or as Dylan, below likes to explain it, a misunderstanding. I'm sure it is all explained somewhere in their detailed TOS, but my point here was who is going to read all that when you have bad information right in your face saying otherwise? Anyway, this guy couldn't explain it.

Subject: Customer Care Transcript
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 13:46:40 -0700

Thank you for contacting Customer Care at eBates.com. We hope your session was productive. Below is a transcript of messages exchanged and items sent.

MADwand: Your next Big Fat Check is scheduled to be sent on 08/15/2001 to your address. What kind of scam you running? When I earned this, I was told that my next Big Fat Check was scheduled to be sent on 05/15/2001 to your address. Now it says 3 MONTHS different. What are you trying to pull? Glad I only lost $0.16 to you.

Thank you for your inquiry. Please hold for the next available representative. If you experience a long delay and would like to send us an email, please address it to customerservice@ebates.com. Your patience is appreciated!

[Dylan - A representative is coming online...please wait.]

Dylan: Welcome to the customer service area of our web site. Just a moment please, I'll take a look at your account.

Dylan: I apologize for any confusion regarding your Ebates account, and your rebate check. We only send out checks if your balance is over $5.00 at the end of each quarter. Also, we do not have your name or address on file for your August 15th check. If your Ebates account balance is over $5.00 by June 30th, and we have your information, you will be mailed a check on August 15th.

MADwand: My balance was over $5 when I was told that and I GAVE you all that information, why don't you have it?

Dylan: Are you referring to your account: madwand@usa.com

MADwand: yes.

Dylan: OK. Your account balance is $5.16. However, it was not over $5.00 at the end of the quarter, March 31st. For the May 15th check. Please enter your name and address info into your account profile. You are scheduled to be mailed a check on August 15th.

MADwand: the only confusion came from the text on the screen which explicitly said, my next Big Fat Check was scheduled to be sent on 05/15/2001. why did it say that instead of telling me that I would have to wait an additional 3 months?

Dylan: I know. I apologize for that mistake in your account. We are sorry about that confusion.

MADwand: and if my address is needed, why did you ask me for it when I signed up and had to fill in countless information, which included that?

MADwand: so now I have to wait 3 more months to see if you are a legitimate company AND have to go back and refill the same forms again...

Dylan: Yes, please update your account profile. We will mail you a check in august. You still have four more weeks to earn rebates toward your August check.

MADwand: but WHY do I have to update a profile with info I already gave you?

Dylan: I'm sorry. That information never made it into your account. We cannot mail you a check in August, if we do not have your address on file.

MADwand: I don't plan on earning anything else until I have satisfactory evidence that you actually pay. Have you heard of Cyberrebate.crime?

Dylan: OK. Please just let us know if you need any further assistance with your Ebates account.

MADwand: that's what I thought.

Dylan: Is there anything else I can assist your with?

MADwand: no, I will just post the information I have gathered to this point. This sounds typical. www.madwand.org

Dylan: Sure. I'm sure others on the message boards have received their rebate checks and can assure you of our legitimacy.

Dylan: You will receive a transcript of this message in your email immediately.

MADwand: can they assure me they did not have to contend with ineptness to get there?

Dylan: Have a great day.

MADwand: as I expected.

Dylan: Thank you for taking the time to contact us. Look for our check in August. Thank you.

[Dylan - has closed this session]


customerservice@ebates.com | eBates.com | www.ebates.com

I recently sent this after a lady reminded me about them:

Where is my account? I am still waiting for my check that was scheduled to be
mailed 08/15/2001 according to Dylan. Now I see you appear to have deleted my
account. I have other visitors to http://www.madwand.org/ebates.htm complaining
you still haven't paid them either.

NOTE the address has changed in the several years I have been waiting for you to
fulfill your obligation.

[above transcript was attached but left off here to save space]

I got this LIE back:

To: MADwand@MADwand.org
Subject: RE:where's my check? [#1392392]
From: EBATES - Customer Care <customercare@ebates.com>
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 13:30:18 -0700

Dear Josef,

Thank you for your email. I apologize you have not received your check and that your experience with us was poor. I hope that we can change this going forward.

I have spoke to our accounting Department and we will have a new check cut for you on Friday. You will receive it in approx. 1 week (from Friday). The check amount is $5.16.

Once again, I am sorry this has been a poor experience. I would like to make sure your issue is resolved quickly. If there are others who have concerns, I would be happy to work with them as well.

If you have additional questions, please let me know.

Customer Care Manager

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