Different Types of Hair Dryers

Ionic Hair Dryers

Ionic hair dryers are nowadays very popular due to their improved way of drying the hair while at the same time leaving it healthy, shiny and full of volume. As a matter of fact this type of hair dryer is the tool of choice in many hair salons. If you are looking to buy quality hair dryers, then checkout top hair dryers in India here.

Lots of hair stylists have come to rely heavily on ionic hair dryers in their daily work and this pushed also many women and men get it a go. Not surprisingly they found that it really works the way it’s been advertised. Salon quality hair dryer from the convenience of home has never been easier.

Basically at it’s core the ionic hair dryer is a type of hair dryer that generates negative ions that break down the moisture in your hair into small droplets that are easily absorbed by the hair shaft. This helps dry your hair from the inside out and also keep your hair healthy and without getting split ends while drying your hair.

Even though not all ionic hair dryers are the same. Some are better quality than others, just as in everything else that is sold nowadays. So it’s good to check out various reviews and the features of similar types of hair blow dryers. If the dryer is a professional hair dryer, then you can safely buy it. Also the reviews on Amazon are usually done by people who have actually tried them, so never forget checking those out. For example if you are thinking of getting the Elchim Professional 2001 hair dryer, which is a top notch quality dryer, here are its reviews. Indeed a good quality piece.

The ionic hair dryer type is one of the few main modern hair dryers models. The others are ceramic hair dryer, tourmaline hair dryer and nano-silver technology hair dryer. Of course each of them have a separate set of features and benefits and you will find many hair dryers that have a mix of all the technologies embedded in them for better performance.

There is an important point to note, however. No matter how good your hair dryer is, if your don’t take care of your hair, if you’re using the wrong type of shampoo, if you’re not using conditioners, if you don’t trim it regularly, your hair will suffer. No amount of professional blow drying will help the wrong choice of hair care products. Make sure that whatever you buy, you get the best for your hair type, length and color.

Ceramic Hair Dryers

Ceramic hair dryers are really powerful if you intend to dry your hair quite often. The ceramic coating on the drying elements allows even heat distribution over the hair and it will lower the temperature based on the surrounding temperature.

Also it tends to seal the hair cuticle and control frizz while at the same time offering your hair more moisture, smoothness and shine.

The properties of the ceramic elements in the hair dryer help get stable and even heat distribution of heat across the hair and also eliminate damaging hot spots while using the hair dryer on the hair. The ceramic heating element isolates the ionic generators and group the ions at the tip where the air stream takes them to the hair.

Ceramic technology has been used by hair dryer manufacturers for a while now as it creates negative ions which are great for breaking down water drops into tiny, microscopic particles that are able to be absorbed into the hair shaft. This means your hair folicles will hydrate faster and your hair will become shiny and healthy. As the water droplets are easily broken down into tiny particles, your hair drying time reduces considerably, which has an end result less damaged hair.

Ceramic hair dryers use nowadays a new technology called silver technology. Nano silver makes the hair dryer clean itself as the silver is simply infused in the several parts of the blow dryer in order to kill the germs and bacteria while the hair is dried. In return the hair will become also cleaner so its body will hold much better in shape. Right now BaByliss is one manufacturer that makes use of this silver technology.

The ceramic heater is self-regulating, which means that it turns down when the temperature around it becomes very hot. By auto-regulating the temperature, these hair blow dryers don’t need too many knobs and buttons for speed settings. All they need is a high and a low setting to perform accurately.

Two of the more popular ceramic hair dryers are the Chi and the Bonnet hair blow dryers. The Bonnet hair dryer has a very convenient hands-free operation that doesn’t involve tiring your hands while your hair dryers. There are actually several manufacturers offering these types of dryers, including BaByliss, Conair and Hot Tools, which are among the best manufacturers out there on ceramic technology.

The Chi hair dryer stands for ‘Catatonic Hydration Interlink’, which is manufactured by Farouk Systems. The Chi hair dryer creates negative ions, which as mentioned above, break down water droplets into tiny particles that are absorbed directly into the hair shaft in order to allow the hair dry much faster without getting damaged.

A good ceramic hair dryer is a great investment in keeping your hair healthy when washing it and drying it often.

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