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Subject: Motel 6
From: Tom Bodett <>
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 17:16:18 -0800
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I'm Tom Bodett, the spokesman for Motel 6. I found your website while aimlessly surfing around the net and am sorry to hear of any bad experiences people have had at a Motel 6. I have been the Motel 6 spokesman for 13 years, and I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't believe what I was saying. It is a mammoth organization with tens of thousands of rooms rented daily and, unfortunately, mistakes sometimes happen. I feel badly when people do not find our rooms to be as clean and comfortable as I say they are, but I am comforted by how relatively seldom that happens.

Motel 6 has put over 600 million dollars into renovating all their properties in the past five years and I think if people have found a less than appealing stay at a Motel 6 in the past, they should try us again. Like I said, I wouldn't be telling people it was a good place to stay if I didn't believe it myself.

One of my favorite things to do is to stay anonymously at Motel 6 when I travel in order to have the same experience our customers do. I have only been disappointed once in 13 years, and that property has long since been closed and sold as have others which could not be brought up to the exacting quality standards. Motel 6 has an extensive Quality Assurance program, and if anyone thinks the Motel 6 management is out to short change or aggravate their customers, then it is only because you have not met them. I have, and believe me, anyone within the Motel 6 organization who might be discovered carrying an attitude of low service or hostility toward the customer would not be with us very long.

I won't even speak to the discrimination charges. They make me so angry. Minorities constitute a large sector of the Motel 6 employee roster and customer base. What in the world could possibly be gained by discriminatory policies within the company? Again, anyone who believes this stuff should pull their heads out of the media long enough to think it over, experience the world as it is, and decide for themselves.

For more information about Motel 6, I invite you to visit their website at I believe whole heartedly in the freedom to vent and complain in the public forum of the internet. I hope people will also take the time to find out for themselves if what they read here is true.

Thanks for your time. See you around.


Tom Bodett

and my reply to him:

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Subject: Re: Motel 6
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All I can say is you obviously haven't been to the locations that myself and all the other people in my website have. None of us made any of those stories up. And I did try again. I don't know which of my pages you read, but there are more listed at And I have been to their website, that is where I could find absolutely no contact information when I had my problem. They made darn sure you were not going to contact them to complain. I see they have their address and a phone number up now, perhaps they are a little more tolerant of complaints now. But when I dealt with Paulette Garcia I was ignored and then sent cheesy form letters. And when I made the mistake of using the voucher I finally got out of her, it only confirmed what I already knew about the place.

I found your website a lot more enlightening than theirs. By the way, you're the first celeb I have ever gotten email from, I do appreciate that.

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