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Guide to Choosing Your American Refrigerator

Refrigerators are now considered a staple in every household. It is one appliance most homes can’t go without. Among the most popular type of refrigerators are American fridge/freezers. These refrigerators are actually 2-door refrigerators wherein the refrigerator and freezer are standing next to each other. You can also buy high quality mini fridge in UK.

Many people prefer an American refrigerator because it is one of the most popular and stylish designs. Also, this freezer offers a larger capacity than the conventional model and it often comes equipped with many features like ice makers and water dispensers.

If you’re thinking of getting an American fridge freezer for your kitchen, please read on for our American fridge freezer checklist.

Capacity and Size

Of course, bigger capacity means a bigger sized refrigerator. Consider the food requirements of your household and the available space in your kitchen. Carefully measure the space in your kitchen where you plan to put your fridge freezer, making sure to add around 2 cm to the sides, the back, and the top for clearance. These refrigerators are usually wider than the conventional ones so if you’re thinking of replacing your old one, make sure that there’s still enough space for the bigger and newer replacement.

Although American refrigerators often have bigger capacity, each section is narrower than the usual refrigerator. However, since they often come with a variety of storage features, they can often store items more efficiently. Also, one feature that most users of this refrigerator like is its door panel because they are designed to hold large amounts of bottles, cartons, eggs, jars, and such, so that there’s more space in the main compartment.

Different brands and models have different ways of splitting the space between the refrigerator and the freezer so make sure to consider your needs and usual grocery items before choosing the right configuration for you.


American styles often come with a variety of features. Make sure to identify the features that would be useful for you and your family. It would be useless to get a refrigerator where some features are not utilized because these features also take up space that could have been used for storage. The most common features that you can find in a side-by-side refrigerator are water dispensers, ice makers, water filter, adjustable shelves, antibacterial protection, frost free, and fast freeze.

One of the advanced features you’d sometimes see in more expensive models is the ability to customize the temperature for each section or compartment. This lets you set the temperature in a particular compartment based on what you’ve stored there.

Energy Efficiency

Since these refrigerators are huge, they consume more energy, making running costs higher. Although newer models can be more expensive, they are often more energy efficient than older models because they are equipped with more precise temperature controls and insulating mechanisms. Also, you might want to consider buying a refrigerator that uses environmentally friendly cooling agents.


Although some might think that this should be the last priority, many decide on this before anything else, choosing a finish that would go with the overall look of their kitchen. The usual options are stainless steel, white, and black, though some brands can carry other colors as well. Side by side fridge freezers are rapturously beautiful and come with a standard set of perks that are incredibly gratifying to use and see.

They are usually stainless steel, have a stainless appearance, have door stops, the door swing that hinges on left and right, an exterior design contoured with top & bottom bevel, stainless steel sculptured handle, hidden door hinges, and a gray textured steel case.

Side by side fridge freezers are great because you can have your refrigerator side by side with your freezer in a stunning single unibody design that enables you to get frozen food or cold food out of the same unit. The various types of things in refrigerators and freezers today pale in comparison to an American fridge freezer because most of what you want is built into a single design.

Therefore, it is easy to get everything you want out of a single thing without much effort involved. Other people have to walk back and forth between two devices, and this costs them a lot in expenditure of time, headache, and worry. However, they can save space and have everything built right into one with a side by side fridge freezer.

A typical side by side fridge freezer has a French door configuration, climatekeeper with dual evaporators in a temperature management system, temperature management features such as TurboCool setting, 8 electronic sensors, multiflow air tower, a control type with external electronic digital temperature display, 7” media center, a dispenser integrated with cubes, crushed ice & chilled water, 3 split adjustable, 1 quickspace shelf, 3 spill proof, 2 side-out, and 5 total fresh food door bins, a door alarm, factory-installed icemaker, GE water filtration, fresh food cabinet drawers, fresh food cabinet shelves, fresh food door bins, fresh food door features, fresh food features, freezer storage bins, freezer features, beverage features, leveling systems, and performance features.

These kinds of specifications are for a typical side-by-side refrigerator. It is incumbent upon you to get one if you have a partner or large family because each of you will want to store your own stuff in separate places, and there is no better way to do that than in these fridge freezers because each person will have his own space, and it will be much better for everyone involved than having a single refrigerator and a single freezer that you have to walk back and forth between in order to get stuff.

This kind of set up is superb compared to other set ups that just don’t have the whole thing going for them in one device. Without such stuff, people at home would feel terrible because they wouldn’t have the space they need to succeed. This kind of set up would be better for everybody, and no family can go without an American fridge freezer.

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